Sunday, March 06, 2011

Awake The State

This March 8th, across the state of Florida, there are protests planned to speak out against Rick "JOB KILLER AS WELL AS MEDICARE FRAUD" Scott, and to try and get the GOP-controlled State Legislature to not go as batsh-t crazy as the state leges in Wisconsin, Ohio, Texas, and Indiana when it comes to f-cking up our state's already wobbly educational system and labor woes.

Yeah, I know.  Like Republican politicians listen to anyone who are not Far Right radio blowhards or Teabagger tax-cutters.

Still, if anyone's got the means and the time to drive up to Tallahassee, or to any of the other events listed at the website this Tuesday, do so.  It helps to greet and meet with fellow Floridians who are, you know, waking up to the fact that 2.5 million of our fellow residents SCREWED US with a CROOK for a governor.

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