Tuesday, November 06, 2012

This Day, WE VOTE

November 6, 2012.

Election Day.


Please for the Love of God VOTE OBAMA.

Please for the sake of this great state of Florida do NOT vote for any Republican for any office.

Please for the sake of this great state do NOT vote for any of the amendment ballots that Rick "Vote Suppressor" Scott and his legislative buddies are forcing on Florida residents.

Please for the sake of sanity and honest governance DO VOTE to RETAIN the state justices that Scott wants to kick out so he can cram the courts with his cronies.

Please, voters, please, try to see what I see: that the Republicans are obsessed with forcing more tax cuts on us after years of a Bush the Lesser administration that clearly proved tax cuts DO NOT work; that the Republicans are obsessed with eliminating any exemption for abortion including cases of rape/incest and protecting the mother's health, even though a vast majority of Americans are fine with those causes as a need to keep abortion as a choice; that the Republicans are eager to destroy every aspect of government and privatize everything, even though history has proved the need for effective working government to uphold laws and regulations that protect us and even though history has proved privatization doesn't save on money it more often increases corruption and health risks; that the Republicans do not reflect or represent the whole of this nation showing their open disdain for minorities, women, the college-age voters...

Please, voters, try to see this: Obama has been an effective President; getting health care reform passed, closing down military operations in Iraq the way the nation and the world wanted us; keeping our economy stabilized and growing while other parts of the world like Europe and Asia are collapsing under their own austerity plans; making Bin Laden and Al Qaeda the priority in the War on Terror, not unneeded ground wars in more and more Middle Eastern nations; standing for women's rights especially regarding women's health; making a public stand for marriage equality and ending Don't Ask Don't Tell; saving the auto industry and ensuring enough manufacturing jobs stay in this country to where America is still building things for ourselves and the world...

Dear God: please let us get the vote out today and in favor of the leadership we need and deserve.  Dear God, let us vote for Obama for four more years...

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