Thursday, May 30, 2013

Updating the Trends on Iran

For starters, the people there are still screwed by a Khamenei dictatorship that basically hand-picks puppet Presidential candidates.  Hell, at least here in the U.S. we go through a pretense of GOP primaries before getting the same result (puppets for Fox Not-News that is), but still...

As for my once-incredibly popular Iran: Day Six article, having changed the URL from killed its' traffic.  So I gotta restart it.  Here, Google Stats (whistles) Here boy, good puppy!  Gimme my traffic back...

Just in case, lemme re-insert the photos that made it such a hit:

College Roommates funny pic Iran

Cat Solidarity for Iran

Axe Spray for Rioters
I've got several more:
In Honor of Tank Guy

Iranian Lady In Black Will Eff You Up Man

and for some reason this one got a lot of hits:
Obama Pranking on Rush
Oh yeah this one will never get old.... >:-)


And to the Iranian people: I'm real sorry your political leadership has to kow-tow to a moron like Khamenei.  Unless you can get 50,000 Revolutionary Guards to walk away from the jerkass, he's protected... :(

Peace to you, people.  I know it's not you: it's Khamenei and his paid cronies.

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