Saturday, March 08, 2014

Florida Special Election for the 13th District: Turnout Still Critical

So that means one thing, Democrats.  GET THE GODDAMN VOTE OUT.

From the Washington Post:

So far, Republicans have cast slightly more votes than Democrats. That doesn't bode well for Republican nominee David Jolly.
Say what?
You read that right. Republicans account for 42 percent of the ballots returned through Thursday, while Democrats account for 40 percent of the ballots cast. While that may seem at first blush like good news for Jolly, the reality is that it falls short of the mark Republicans were hoping to hit, for a few reasons.
GOP strategists have been hopeful that turnout would favor the GOP in a big way in this race. There's no presidential election at the top of the ticket, and problems with Obamacare have fired up the Republican base. In short, Republicans were hoping to build up a wider advantage than two points via absentee balloting, which is a very popular option in the district. (Two points is roughly on par with the GOP's registration advantage in the district.)
As Adam Smith noted in the Tampa Bay Times earlier this month, Republicans have outpaced Democrats in absentee balloting during the past couple of cycles by wider margins. In 2012, Republican voters outpaced Democrats by six points in absentee voting. (President Obama still won the district narrowly.) In 2010, as Smith noted, the GOP absentee advantage was 11 percent...

The actual election day is this March 11th.  Get the DAMN VOTE OUT THIS TUESDAY, PEOPLE...

Adam Smith's been tracking this story, and one of the other bits he's written is about how the independent, NPA voters are key this Tuesday:

As of Friday, Republicans had a nearly 3,800 vote advantage over Democrats in District 13 and likely will cast significantly more votes on election day than Democrats. It still may not be enough for Jolly, given the way swing voters ultimately pick the winner in this centrist district.
Consider that in 2012, Republicans had cast nearly 11,000 more votes than Democrats by election day and then on election day outperformed Democrats by more than 9,000 votes. Barack Obama still narrowly won that district. In 2010, Republicans had a nearly 12,400 vote lead prior to election day and then on election day cast more than 8,600 more votes than Democrats. Then-gubernatorial candidate Sink still narrowly beat Republican Rick Scott in the district.
It's shaping up to be a squeaker, but given the recent track record of District 13 voters, Jolly as of today has more to worry about looking at absentee ballot returns than Sink...

Tuesday.  March 11th.  Find your precinct.  You're allowed by law to take an hour off from work to go place your vote in an election.  GET.  THE.  DAMN VOTE.  OUT.

I'm sick and tired of seeing less than half of our registered voters not showing up for non-Presidential election days.  You made the effort to register, folks, MAKE THE EFFORT TO VOTE.  It's your POWER, it's YOUR voice.

I don't wanna hear any whining if the turnout's under 55 percent and your party's candidate doesn't win out.

P.S. Vote for Sink.  Jolly's sticking to the GOP script of banning Obamacare, refusing to fund any stimulus package, discriminating gays, and slashing on much-needed aid to our veterans and the poor.  Just stop voting Republican, people... Just stop...

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