Monday, October 06, 2014

Prepping for NaNoWriMo 2014

Being October means one other thing: getting prepared for National Novel Writing Month!

This year I've already got a plot idea - a quirky take on an alien invasion - so in that regards I'm ready to roll.

What's different this year is that I'm volunteering to serve as a Municipal Liaison (ML) for the Florida: Elsewhere region (Polk County despite it being the 5th largest metro population in the state doesn't have its own Region).  This brings with it some responsibilities.

I have to organize and host various Write-Ins in the area (getting those organized as we speak for local city libraries and writers' groups). I have to manage a calendar (although this might conflict with other MLs in other parts of Florida: Elsewhere, as it's a catch-all for a lot of places that are hours apart).

There's several other things I'll need to do during November, but with luck/skill/mostly luck we'll have a solid turnout of NaNo-ing among the writers of Central Florida.  Expect a wave of self-published ebooks out of Lakeland by the end of February!

Get NaNo-ing people.  Well, also get the damn vote out, but if I can juggle between those priorities you can too!

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