Monday, May 18, 2015

The Conservative Cavalcade of Candidates Creates Clown Car Certainty

...took me about 23 seconds to get all the words figured out.

I'm not the only one accused of hit and run oops that's just like Crosstown Traffic, but I digress keeping track of the candidates lining up just to get down for 2016.  David Graham over at the Atlantic site is keeping a running update, and he's been getting busier by the day.

Late May and early June are shaping up to be peak periods for presidential announcements. On Monday, Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal formed an exploratory committee with plans to make a final decision in June and Lindsey Graham, the senator from South Carolina, said he would start his campaign on June 1. Former New York Governor George Pataki announced last week he would announce his decision on May 28, followed by former Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley two days later.

While the Democratic additions will bulk up that party's options along with Hillary and Bernie Sanders, the Republican field is getting more crowded by comparison.  Jindal and Graham are not the only ones: Ohio Governor John Kasich is mentioned looking into things, Santorum is trying to make things official "polling" his twelve followers on a blog if he should run or not, Scott Walker hasn't made it official, nor has Jeb Bush oddly enough, while Chris Christie is probably going to wait for the BridgeGate stuff to quiet down a little before jumping in.

It seems there may be oddities in the election laws that allow certain persons to announce early while others have to wait.  Given the nature of the Republicans being the opposition party, we're bound to see a lot of wannabes line up by the end of June just for the attention-grabbing alone.  The ones who even delude themselves into thinking they've got a shot will keep it serious enough well into January to say Far Right nuttery things - dear God, Rubio just imploded over Iraq two seconds ago - to keep us moderately sane American horrified.

In the meanwhile, if you keep an eye on David Graham's blog page at the Atlantic, you'll be appraised of the crazy lineup with his own pithy takes before I can usually get a blog write-up done here.

Now, I gotta go to bed.  G'night all and for the LOVE OF GOD DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN.

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dinthebeast said...

At least Newt doesn't seem to be grifting around in there this time...

-Doug in Oakland