Thursday, June 04, 2015

This Just In From Florida: Governor, State House Are Still A-Holes

In case people forgot, Florida had to summon a Special Session to finalize a budget deal between House and Senate, with the House being a bunch of preening psychopaths just like during the regular session.  Via the Tampa Trib:

House sponsor Mia Jones, a Jacksonville Democrat, was cross-examined for nearly three hours by successive members of the Republican majority, who mostly teased out what they see as the plan’s flaws...
...Still other Republicans decided not to bother: At one point, the entire front row of the chamber’s top GOP members was empty. Several remaining Republican legislators appeared to be checking their mobile phones or taking photos of each other, among other things.
Senate Republicans are pushing the proposal; House Republicans and Gov. Rick Scott are opposed, virtually dooming the plan, which would draw down nearly $50 billion in Affordable Care Act money over eight years. They say the feds can’t be trusted to follow through on their funding promises...

The FEDS can't be trusted?  House Republicans and Scott CAN'T BE TRUSTED.

The Federal government has been funding state-level shit for YEARS, decades even, and NOW they can't be trusted?!


I'm now convinced this is one of two things: a game of chicken or a game of death.  Scott and the wingnuts either want to extort massive concessions out of Obama's administration by using Medicaid funding as a hostage - figuring the Democrats would not risk a massive health-care shutdown in a state in dire need of it - or they really want the whole thing to collapse to fulfill their anti-government dogma.

With a SCOTUS decision due in the next few weeks about state exchanges in the Obamacare system that could well take away health care for millions...  Sigh.  This is gonna be a sucky month.

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