Thursday, August 06, 2015

Today, The Reckoning: August 2015 Drunk GOP Edition

This is it.

This evening, we will know for certain how many Americans watched the Republican PanderFest 2016 episode by the number of people crying into emptied beer bottles.  I do worry my drinking game rules will contribute to that blighted landscape...

For those of you who 1) do not own cable or dish and thus can't watch Fox, 2) have brain cells and thus avoid Fox at all hazards, I recommend looking for any live-blogging site that will track Teh Crazy for you via these Intertubes.

Balloon-Juice usually does live-blogging, I'm pretty sure they'll have a page up for that.  Check around 4 PM EDT if they've got a pre-round live-blog up at least.

Drink Responsibly, America.  Choose a Progressive Designated Driver while you are at it.  I'm pretty sure once the ball starts rolling a lot of Republicans will be getting drunk as well, just not by the rules of the game...

Update: Someone on Facebook just reminded me tonight is Jon Stewart's FINAL SHOW as host of The Daily Show.  TONIGHT?!  COINCIDENCE?!?!  I THINK NOT!


Also, Sarah Glenn reminded me Wonkette likes to live-blog this type of crazy stuff too.  I will post updated links if I can for either site.

Update Update: The Guardian hosted a live blog for the Happy Hour Brew Krewe / Puppy Bowl / Kids' Table Also-Rans Debate.  Link here for the summary.

Jon Stewart Update: He's still retiring from the Daily Show.  (breaks out the swear jars)

Crazy Eddie's Motie Drinking Recipes: this is a little late getting updated here but if you can mix your own drinks, Pinku Sensei has recipes for each debatee tonight.

Uber Update: The Guardian's Live Blog is up.  No sign yet if Wonkette's is running.  I think they're drunk already.

Wonkupdate: There we go, Wonkette's live.


dinthebeast said...

Is it ironic that the gop debate is on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the voting rights act?
I read some other website suggesting a drinking game advising participants not to drink themselves or anyone else to death.
I also read that the president said he'll probably be watching the Daily Show.

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

there is no irony, only sadness in that the GOP are likely going to shred the VRA tonight somehow by arguing about voter suppression efforts. /headdesk

and yes, I know it will be risky for people to drink heavily tonight following the debate. I doubt few people actually WILL follow the rules, because at some point they'd get so drunk they can't remember which rule was which and even forget what they were doing. Hopefully at that point they can still remain upright or they're at least with a sober partner/designated driver to help out.