Sunday, April 03, 2016

On A Personal Note: My Writing Side

While I posted this on my writer's blog, I want to pass a couple of notes along over here as well:

I will attend a Local Authors book sale/signing event at the Barnes & Noble store in Wesley Chapel FL this coming Saturday May 21st from 2-4 PM. I'll have print copies of various works on display for sale and autographs, sitting alongside fellow local authors who are published across a variety of genres. I may also be sitting with fellow writers/publishers Sarah Glenn and Gwen Mayo because as the next note will state...

Any day/month now the third volume of the Strangely Funny anthology series will be published. Sarah and Gwen are the publishers and editors with Mystery & Horror LLC imprint, and they'll likely bring copies of this latest anthology to the authors' event, which we can sign as a group.

Update before the Update: Volume III of Strangely Funny is NOW AVAILABLE as a Kindle ebook! Look for my story "Minette Dances with the Golem of Albany" and enjoy! (Print version and EPUB version will be available soon)

I'm finishing up one story for submission to the Florida Writers Association annual anthology (I thought I had it but something needs tweaking...) and I'm thinking a previous writing mini-lesson story I did a few months back could qualify for this year's theme of "Hide and Seek" so I'll likely submit both to test my odds. ;)

Update: I need to revise the status of a previous publication. Stories For All Seasons is currently ON HOLD as the writing group I'm with is changing the format and marketing for the book.

I've changed the Writings Tab atop my banner now, go take a look and consider if you're interested in downloading any of the titles listed, please and thank you.

I am planning on getting a poster of the Body Armor Blues ebook created as a giveaway item for the Local Authors event to entice an audience...


Infidel753 said...

Hope it goes well. I'd attend, but unfortunately Portland OR is almost as far from you as it's possible to get and still be in the continental US.

After discovering Trend I checked out your other blogs and saw the other dimensions to you. Glad to know you're more than just a political animal. Politics shouldn't consume a person's whole life.

Paul Wartenberg said...

You know, Infidel, now you have a perfectly good excuse to visit sunny Tampa Bay this May!