Monday, September 12, 2016

Radio Silence For This Week (Plus a Request)

I seriously need to not blog for the next week or so.

It has to do with a writing project I need presentable for an e-publishing class at the library next Monday.

I won't be able to get it edited / beta-read before publishing it, I know, but if I'm putting something to market I might as well have it finished as a story (as not as messy).

So if you noticed I'm not blogging as often, I've kind of "gone fishin" for plot threads.

In the meantime, this is where my request comes in.

I'd kind of like to get my writing hobby/career off on a good footing, and if I can convince some of the blog viewers to take the time - and if they've got a good budget to work with - to purchase some/any/all of the ebooks or print books I've got on market.

If you go to my Writings tab up top, you'll see a list of current and past publications I've got on the market. There's a couple of humor/horror anthologies that have published my stories - I've gotten good reviews for "I Must Be Your First" in the original Strangely Funny anthology - and there's a couple of ebook titles that should be available in Kindle and EPUB formats if you look in the right retail sites.

I'd really appreciate it if you went to your local public - or college - library and make a request for the library to purchase any of the books on that list. If you give them the title and ISBN number, the library ought to be able to find the record in their acquisitions services (not always, sadly), order it, and place it on hold for you to check out. They will not do it for the early works - Last of the Grapefruit Wars will likely be too old for the market - nor the ebook ones, but the anthologies and Surviving the Age of Obstruction should be fresh enough for consideration. Granted, many libraries will be on strict budgets, hopefully they will fulfill a library user request.

For that, I will thank you.

Now, turning off all communications. Running silent in 5... 4... 3... Byleven... dammit, restart the countdown.  5... 4... 3... 2... 1... ZEMO.


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