Thursday, November 10, 2016

It's Just the State I'm In

So I saw this from John Cole, leader of the northern Balloon Juice tribe:

I know where he's coming from.

Screw "Bargaining" and "Acceptance". THAT will never happen.

We spent the last eight years of the Republicans being complete bastards towards Democrats, Obama, scientists, teachers, environmentalists, women, Blacks, Latinos, Muslims, and sane people.

And now the Beltway media and Republican leaders are telling us "oh, you need to play nice. We need to unite and come together for the sake of the nation."


Not until Mitch McConnell resigns to answer for his eight goddamn years using Cloture and Filibuster and outright Obstruction to block Obama's Presidential duties at every turn.

Not until every Fox Not-News talking head apologizes repeatedly for six straight months for defending sexual predators like Roger Ailes and his good buddy Trump.

Not until the Republican Party openly admits they were fucking assholes all this time for the sake of winning elections.


Trump is not my President. He never will be. I will never take the side of a crooked bankrupt con artist who sexually assaults women and insults entire ethnicities for shits and giggles.

My President is Barack Obama, long may his efforts be remembered and honored.

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dinthebeast said...

Republicans when Bill Clinton was president: He's a monster guilty of all of our made-up scandals, and he must be impeached.

Republicans when George W. Bush was president: Protest against the president is sedition, and if you don't like him, leave the country. Never mind the war crimes or the war itself, or the preventable terror attack on 9-11 he was too lazy to do anything about, etc. etc.

Republicans when Barack Obama was president: He's a monster guilty of all of our made-up scandals and we would have impeached him if we could have made up a good enough scandal to stick to him, but since we couldn't, we'll delegitimize his presidency and fight him on everything he tries to do every step of the way.

Republicans when Donald Trump is president can go fuck themselves.

And don't even get me started on the deficits gambit they run every damn time: Cheney said that Reagan proved that deficits didn't matter after Bill Clinton truncated his agenda and brought budget surpluses, then the trillion dollar a year deficit W left Obama was used as a cudgel to stop him from spending any money on his agenda up to and including threatening to crash the economy on purpose over the debt ceiling...

And now we have Ryan unchained already planning to take my health insurance away, so yeah, fuck those guys.

-Doug in Oakland