Tuesday, November 01, 2016

Seven Days Until November 8 2016

To the Old Gods and the New, help us.

I'm still nervous about how this is all going to end up.

The media keeps telling me Trump's polling numbers are going up.


It should never have been this close. Hell, Obama vs. Romney should never have been that close, and yet it was and I was nervous all the way up to Election Day itself.

There seems to be good news about the Early Voting, in that turnout among most voting groups are up - except for Black voters in certain states like North Carolina, gee how COULD THAT have happened? /sarcasm - and I'd like to think that higher turnout favors Democrats.

Still, why the HELL is Trump even polling above 30 percent now? After all this time, all this yelling and screaming about how wrong, how corrupt, how inept he is... there's still that many people buying into his con game?

The madness of 2016 will never make sense. Not in a hundred years, not in ten years.

If any of us survive that long if Trump wins.


Get the vote out if you got Early Voting. Get your absentee ballot in if you got vote-by-mail.

Vote for sanity and a smoothly-working government. That means DO NOT VOTE FOR REPUBLICANS who will break it all and obstruct everything out of sheer spite.

Please. PLEASE.


Infidel753 said...

Comeygate was a flagrant effort at last-minute sabotage, and to the tune of a couple of percentage points, it's working. More significantly, two decades of relentless Republican smears of Hillary have generated so much smoke that a lot of people think there must be some fire somewhere.

But there's still more of us than there is of them, and the fact that early voting has been disproportionately female is a good sign. There's going to be a final push to get black voters out in Florida (I think Obama himself is making an appearance). Everything will come down to turnout now.

dinthebeast said...

I already mailed my ballot in, and I'm making sure Briana mails hers today. Granted, we live in California, and that doesn't help things that much, but there it is.

-Doug in Oakland