Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Listen Up, Anonymous Commentators to this Blog: 2017 Reminder

I love to get comments to my blog. It makes me feel like people are reading what I have to write, and I like to have dialogue on certain issues and concerns.

However, I don't want to leave my Comments field wide open to spambots (damn Chinese), nor to Anonymous posters who drive-by troll and hide in the shadows like the cowards they are. I do allow a certain amount of flexibility to my comment options, because not everyone has a Google account or other means of logging in here.

So, I have two rules:

Rule One: When you comment, at least be honest if not respectful of other people. If you wanna insult me, fine. I survived Tarpons Springs Middle School (barely): I'VE HEARD WORSE.

Rule Two: Sign your work. If you still feel like you wanna post as Anonymous, HONOR RULE ONE and don't fucking insult people.

If you're Anonymous but at least polite about what you're posting (or stick to insulting me - which I can then respond to in my own snarky way), you get to stay.

If you post as Anonymous and leave behind a sexist, racist, troll-baiting pile of bullshit that would take 1000 streetcleaners to clear away, your post will die the inglorious death that it deserves and I will post a follow-up on that comments thread CALLING YOU OUT AS A GODDAMN COWARD.

Go ahead and snicker as you run away, safe in the knowledge that in the real world no one will ever see you as you post bullshit comments.

You're still a coward. You're still a sexist racist coward lying out of your ass. Whether or not that bothers you is between you and your Devil, 'cause it's clear you don't answer to God.

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