Monday, May 08, 2017


First I will get baked, and then there will be cake.

The cake is not a lie.

So now I'm 47. Where do I go from here...


dinthebeast said...

Where do you go from here? I have one suggestion: Go get your blood pressure checked. I was 47 when I had my stroke, and I wouldn't have had it if I'd just had my blood pressure checked.
Other than that, happy birthday!

-Doug in Oakland

Paul Wartenberg said...

I do get medical checkups. usually like a 118 over 70. I ask if that's okay and they say it's good.

I try to avoid the worst kinds of food, although I am overweight, and even with my anxiety I try to stay unstressed.

dinthebeast said...

118 over 70 is fine. I got into trouble when mine went up to 160 over 100 and I didn't know about it.

-Doug in Oakland