Sunday, June 11, 2017

The Summer of Our Discontent

How much farther does this train wreck have to careen, O Lord?

The devastation made by the growing trump-Russia scandal spreads by the minute now, not by week or day. There's evidence that Russian-backed hackers cyberattacked our electronic voting machines in key states that flipped for trump.

trump himself has been reduced to accusing fired FBI Director Comey of lying and yet still claiming Comey's testimony vindicates him. Given trump's history of lying, why should anyone believe his claims?

And yet... and yet there's still the trump Voter Base who will side with him on every lie, every con, because it profits them to do so at the cost of their own sanity and safety.

We are still so very fucked.

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dinthebeast said...

Those folks must really want rich people to get tax cuts. Then there's this:

h/t: Susie Madrak's blog.

-Doug in Oakland