Tuesday, June 27, 2017

What The Republicans Want to Do When They Kill Off Obamacare

It's really very simple:

Republicans want to give everyone earning over $200,000 annual income a tax cut. So screw the 90 percent of Americans under that income limit.

And Republicans want to kill 22 to 25 million Americans who will lose their Medicaid support and/or their health care coverage.

Try this as a reality check. Go outside to a crowded place, like a shopping mall or grocery store or a summer day's park. Start counting each person. One out of every twenty Americans are going to lose their health care. So when you get to the twentieth person, realize that the person you're pointing at is going to die.

If you think that you aren't affected, that your family or friends are safe, you're wrong. Start counting your family, start counting your friends. When you get to Number Twenty, say goodbye to that person.

And we are all fucking screwed.

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dinthebeast said...

As Sherrod Brown put it yesterday, the 15 million people who would lose their health insurance next year if this bill were to pass amount to "The combined population of my state, Ohio, and senator McConnell's state, Kentucky."
They don't have the votes right now, so they are delaying it until after the July fourth break, which gives us another week to put pressure on Republican senators to vote against it.
Dean Heller and Susan Collins are confirmed no votes, so we need one more.
This procedural vote was stymied by Rand Paul and Ron Johnson, but I wouldn't count on them as firm no votes after some "concessions" are offered (well, maybe Rand Paul who might do it just to seem relevant), but Shelley Moore Capito might be able to be reached, and there's talk that the far-right "concessions" that might be used to reel in Johnson could push Portman into the no column because his state has a massive opioid problem that the best current solution to is funded by Medicaid.
These are Republicans though, so we obviously can't count on sanity or human decency to sway their votes, so we need to focus on the only thing that they'll listen to: putting their re-election in danger.

-Doug in Oakland