Thursday, March 06, 2008

Florida vote... take 2

Every time I try to get out the vote... they keep pulling me back in! Hey, it's either that or quoting from Pacino's Scarface. Which would you prefer? Scarface??? Oh, okay: Rule number two, don't get high on your own supply.

Actually, this is a post about reports that Democrats want to get the two states they punished for improper primary timing - Michigan and Florida - to recast their votes. The primary slugfest between She Who Must Be Obeyed and the Boy King of Destiny is looking to go down to the last wire, and legally even though both Michigan and Florida voted anyway their delegates can't participate in the convention.

Hillary, who won both states (rather underhandedly in Michigan too), is petitioning to get those states re-admitted as is. Head of the DNC Howard Dean passed judgment on that yesterday making re-voting the only viable solution (there are other solutions, but most of them are questionable and confrontational).

Should the states re-vote? Part of me wants the voters of these states to be able to have representation within their party, as it wasn't entirely their fault their state governments tried to move up their primaries in order to be more relevant to the election cycle. This is what happens when you have states voting in stages, and the earlier states have a greater say in who stays in the race. The other part of me worries about the do-over aspect of this, that voters with buyers' remorse the first time around will switch around and we'll end up with a different result than before, and if Hillary suffers because of it (as she won the first time around) I am certain that she will unleash her flying demon monkey horde on us to wreak vengeance across the land.

Not that I'm biased or anything.

I'm for the re-vote plan, as long as 1) the vote is only for the Democrats, as the Republican party still allowed some delegates from Florida and Michigan to represent and as the Republicans have settled the issue on who won (a clone of Dick Cheney... John McCain), and as long as 2) all the names on the original ballot get listed. If people still want to vote for Edwards, even though he's dropped out, they should. If the ballot shifts to reflect only Clinton and Obama, people can argue that the re-vote isn't exactly the same and will gripe/moan/bitch/unleash freaking flying monkeys over it.

In the meantime, there is one great grand solution to this whole mess that would work if only the parties were compelled by law to do it (because they won't do it otherwise): HAVE ALL THE PRIMARIES ON THE SAME DAY, AND HAVE THE PRIMARIES COUNT THEIR VOTES THE SAME WAY! Sheesh! Christ on a Harley! (headthump noises)

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