I'm gonna set up my Huge List of Links here so that Blogger won't lose it again.

The Sites I Visit Most

Crooks and Liars
Daily Kos
Obsidian Wings
Washington Monthly
Talking Points Memo
Washington Post via Tampa Bay Times

Other Blogs

Rude Pundit
PM Carpenter
Crazy Eddie's Motie News
Just an EarthBound Misfit I
Mock Paper Scissors
Green Eagle
Gin and Tacos
Vagabond Scholar
Clarissa's Blog
Skippy the Bush Kangaroo
No More Mister Nice Blog
Kevin Drum @ Mother Jones
David Frum @ The Atlantic
Conor Friedersdorf @ The Atlantic
Passionate Formerly Moderate Now Liberal Mormon
NEW - Stonekettle Station Actually I've been reading this guy for months, why didn't I add him sooner???

Doom me more victims! Tell me who else I should link here! C'mon, suckas, keep feeding me the outrage and vitriol.

Ta-Nehisi and the Lost Battalion of the Horde

The Atlantic (I didn't add Frum or Friedersdorf here because they are not of the Horde)
Ta-Nehisi Coates @ the Atlantic
Yoni Appelbaum @ the Atlantic
Emily L Hauser @ the Week
Culturess also Anibundel


2016 Election Links

Nate Silver @ 538 and The Election Forecast
HuffPo polling
RCP polling

My Other Blogs

Wittylibrarian and the Book With the Blue Cover
X-Files: Senseless 'Shipper Surveys

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