Monday, May 23, 2011

How The Month Of May Slipped Away, And Other Thoughts

It seemed like there was one crazy thing after another since the last time I posted.  The shooting of Bin Laden.  The aftermath of Obama's long form certificate finally getting released.  The aftermath of tornadoes in Alabama.  Massive flooding on the Mississippi, the worst in 20 years.  The ongoing Arab Spring uprisings now embroiling Libya and Syria and Yemen.  The ongoing nuclear disaster in Japan.  Canada voting Conservatives back into power even though the last Conservative government LIED to everyone.  The Republican Party here in the U.S. struggling to find a viable primary candidate while the likes of Romney, Pawlenty, Ron Paul, and Herman Cain make the party leadership weep.  The Paul Ryan plan to privatize AND gut Medicare (as well as gut Medicaid) while granting 4 TRILLION in tax cuts to businesses and the rich somehow riling up enough voters to where a special election in New York may get a Democrat elected in a gerrymandered conservative district.  Everybody waiting - and laughing - about yet another Rapture claim happening on May 21.  Justin Timberlake and Lady Gaga shredding SNL for about the first near-perfect night since the "More Cowbell" skit.

And oh, my personal disaster of unemployment and job hunting in a state with double-digit jobless numbers and little growth in the near future.

As you can see, there's been a lot on my mind and regarding my opinions over the past month: I couldn't focus on a single damn thing.

The other thing bothering me was that this was going to be Post 299 of this blog.  The next blog entry is Numero 300: a decent anniversary number if ever their was one.  And it's coming at a time where I'm mulling over whether or not to keep this going.

Let's be honest: traffic here is minor at best.  The responses to my entries are equally meager.  The most I ever get are when I blogged specifically about Florida amendment proposals, at which point I got a few interested blog readers.  But past that...  I think part of it is due to how I've got the Comments section lined up.  I have to where you need to login with an ID of some kind: it's this way to reduce Spam traffic (I got so many Chinese spammers on my other blog it got sickening).  But that seems to scare off anyone who wants to show up to blog anonymously (cowards, I call you: provide a name or working links and then you'll back the courage of your convictions) or with relative ease.

I've been asking about Wordpress, although the mechanics of that service is way different than  I've wondered about options for comments here, but I'm not seeing many alternatives.  If there's another online free blog service with easy Comment options, I'm listening.  Just post a Comment here... and... and... sigh.  Email me at p.warten AT and let me know.  Cool. Gratz.

Now, for my 300th post:  I'm thinking an re-invigorated list of Amendment ideas for people to mock...