Friday, August 29, 2008

So McCain chooses... Palin

While Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin wasn't on my earlier list of possible Veep choices for McCain to consider, I had a very good reason for overlooking her:

She's got less political experience than Obama, in terms of level of quality.

Palin served a few terms on a city council - and then served as mayor - for Wasilla, an Alaskan community no bigger than 8000 people. She spent about a year (2003 - 04) working as an ethics commissioner of the Alaska Oil and Gas Conservation Commission. She won the governorship for Alaska in 2006, which means that she's done at best 2 years at that job.

I'm sorry, but to be considered for the Vice Presidency means you have to be considered for the Presidency as well: that's the Veep's duty to step up if the need arises. The only thing on Palin's resume that stands out as living up the to qualifications of the office is her governorship. Being mayor of a town of 8000 people doesn't speak well towards comparable experience for the Oval Office. And that was one of the big weapons the Republicans had arguing against an Obama Presidency: Obama's had roughly only 4 years of comparable experience as a U.S. Senator. Going with Palin takes away the "inexperienced" argument. The only other legitimate argument the Republicans had against Obama was that he's... well wait, the argument that he's raising taxes as a commie librul secret buddhist! Or the argument that he's a Democrat. Or the argument that Obama's not that good at bowling, or quail hunting. Or that Obama's a one-house-owning elitist who eats the salad bar buffet at Bennigan's.

Trust me, the "Obama Is Inexperienced" was the best weapon the Republicans had in their arsenal. And they just punted it away.

Past that, one could see Palin actually makes for a nice (just not great) choice. Nearly every time she's run for office she ran as a reformer, promising to cut back costs and taxes as mayor, and had quit her job as ethics commissioner railing against the corruption in that office and then backing it up by attacking her own party's state leadership to where a couple of guys had to resign and cough up fines. She ran against an incumbant Governor in the GOP primary... and won (do you know how rarely incumbants lose their own primaries?!?!)! In office she's backed up her talk of reform with geniune ethics reform efforts and with savvy budgeting cuts. On her reformer creds, paint me impressed.

And yes, there is a scandal involving an ex-brother-in-law and the firing of a Public Safety commissioner, but Palin has been cooperating with the legislative investigation and so far it doesn't have the stench of death to it. You'd think McCain's vetting process would have covered this, so this scandal may only involve the freemasons (as long as Illuminati doesn't get dragged into this, we'll be fine...)

The only other question I have about this pick is, well, how gimmicky it feels. I've noticed in the past few weeks how McCain's people were trying to drive a wedge between the Democrats especially via Hillary Clinton's still-vocal women supporters. If they think getting a woman Veep candidate might bring the Clinton PUMAs over to the Republicans, well, McCain's crew forgot two things: 1) The PUMAs don't care if they're asked to support a woman candidate or not, they only care that the candidate has to be HILLARY!!1!1OMG! (which was why Obama's reported consideration of Gov. Sebelius wasn't swaying the PUMA crowd), and 2) will Palin really reflect towards womens' issues, which tend toward a) equal pay, b) child care and education, c) and abortion rights? Just being a "Hockey Mom" alone won't convince women voters among the independents and the Democrats to switch over to the Republican ticket.

This was a nice choice for McCain, but still underwhelming. The good news is this is better than going with Romney or Giuliani. I would've felt disappointed if it was Huckabee, but not surprised. Still and all, not impressed with either Veep choice: yet another reason why I feel the need for a Vice President is no longer there...

Saturday, August 23, 2008

So Obama chooses... Biden

Hmph. Paint me underwhelmed.

I'd mentioned earlier that while Biden has a solid resume he was/is about as personally flat as drywall. In terms of political quality/experience, he fits the Veep requirement of being capable of taking over the Oval Office. I guess that being 'flat as drywall' things means Biden is not a distraction to Obama's own charismatic skills, another trait you want in a Veep. Biden definitely fits the regional need (Atlantic/Northeast coast to Obama's Illinois/Lakes).

It's just that, compared to other possibilities like Sebelius, Biden seems too... safe. Too 'ehh' or 'blah'. Not a bad pick, but not an OH WOW pick.

Now to see who McCain goes w... Romney?! What did I just tell you?!?!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Annals in Political Hypocrisy, Day Ninty-four Thousand and Three

Seriously. How f-cked up are we as a nation when our so-called leaders with their 'moral clarity' keep getting shown up as hypocritical morons of the highest order? And I admit, I got suckered by this guy thinking he'd be a clean choice...

This is further proof that if you live long enough, you will see a rumor tabloid like the National Enquirer actually get a story right.

Okay. I might have mentioned this amendment idea before, but I'm stating it here because we so need this:

  • All political candidates shall come from an impoverished environs, and shall have no prior sexual experience. That way, when they get caught embezzling or taking bribes or sleeping around like morons, it won't be that big a deal.

Meanwhile, we've got war between Russia and Euro Georgia, the government's illegally reading our mail, McCain's getting foreign campaign funds from Jordan, gasoline is still too expensive and no one in DC is making actual headway in securing alternative energy sources, our jobs and wages suck, housing mortgage failures are getting worse, and there's about 50,000 other things going hideously wrong with the world, and there's no genuine leadership anywhere anymore because nobody can be trusted and nobody's cleaning up the mess.

Frustration currently at 98 percent and rising.