Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Amendment proposal on greed

This. Is really. Pissing off more people. Than the Randian con artists thought it would. Kinda figured it was gonna happen back during the meltdown crisis when Bush's economic team (AND STOP BLAMING OBAMA he wasn't in charge back in September 2008!) pretty much doled out bailout money without any common sense restrictions on it all: that the greedheads who incompetantly drove our entire financial/banking industry into the ground would use the bailout to pretty much line their pockets like always. Color me not so shocked.

The one good thing from this AIG bonus fiasco is that it utterly highlights how CORRUPT, STUPID and WRONG the entire concept of laizze-faire, hands-off, greed-is-good capitalism really is. Regulated capitalism, yeah that works well: when the market forces are required to answer to somebody, when the captains of industry are held accountable, when there's a balance between Capital (owners and bankers), Labor (employees), and Consumer (represented by government and advocates), things work. Hence, this amendment proposal to bring some accountability back into our economy:

  • Greed is now a capital offense.
  • Anyone caught lining his/her own pockets, or the pockets of their business associates, at the expense of the taxpayer or company for which they work especially if said company received a federal bailout geared toward stabilizing the market and not geared toward the greedheads' checking account, shall immediately be tarred and feathered. And then they go to trial looking like that. The person(s) if found guilty of greed will then go to Pound-Me-In-The-Ass federal prison for a set period of time, and then taken from that place to Death Row where he/she/they will then have 50,000 volts shooting out their ass(es).
  • Any person charged with a financially-related crime such as fraud, embezzlement, fiscal negligence, or any other element that would have lead to an economic disaster for a company or an entire nation, will have all financial accounts frozen and inaccessible to be able to pay for a legal defense. The damn greedhead will have to rely on a public defender working Pro Bono, no exceptions. You get the same legal protection as poor people, you sons of bitches.
  • Anyone in the media attempting to defend greedheads, the greed-is-good snake-oil scam, or any Randian ideology will be immediately forced to "Go Galt" like they want others to: and by "Going Galt" that means leaving their cushy six-figure salary and limo service existence to go work the midnight shift at any 24-hour bowling alley that exists between Toledo, OH and Boise, ID. Minimum wage, no health benefits. See how you enjoy living like the rest of us.

Odds of this amendment even getting looked at: ludicriously low. Odds of people getting pitchforks and rioting in the streets if the greedheads keep up their dumbass "taxpayers are suckers" routine: ludicriously high.