Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Just to let the Republicans know...'s not looking too good out here in the Real World.

  • My parents - I'd mentioned them before - are not too enthusiastic about the election this year. They grumbled over one dinner gathering that it looks like the Democrats are gonna win this November. And they are not huge fans of Democrats. And they tend to overlook the foibles of Republicans. And even they know, it's gonna suck this year to be a Republican.
  • At the 4th of July gathering in Clearwater this past weekend, I spotted three people in Obama t-shirts. Just to let you know the t-shirt demographics: White. Elderly (60 plus). And while I admit just having 3 people out of oh 700 or so isn't too big a deal... well... I did not see a single McCain t-shirt. Clearwater/North Pinellas County is reasonably a safe GOP voting area. You'd think there'd be at least ONE person able to spend the $20 to buy a McCain shirt.
  • At the place where I work - the library - we have voter registration cards. People can use them to change their voter info. I've had two people in the last two days come in asking for the forms. And both guys openly announced, without encouragement, they were changing their voter status and quitting the Republicans. The second guy today said "Never again." This is Gus Bilirakis district, and it was his dad's district before him. It's been solidly Republican since even before Reagan. And these guys are openly disparaging the party. Nobody's forcing them to, they just are.
Just little anecdotes. Separately, they're not much to get excited about. But put them together, I see a trend. Much like the trend this past year of the Republicans losing special elections in various congressional districts, culminating in that major upset in the Mississippi 1st district.

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