Friday, November 21, 2008

Amendment Idea #418 - Talking Heads Reform

The traditional media is all atwitter over:
1) how the election really means the country is "center-right" when in fact the results show a sizable majority is center-left;
2) "OMG the CLINTONS ARE TAKING OVER OBAMA'S CABINET," along the lines of "Ohhh, we get to Hate Hillary and Bill some more," disregarding the fact that Obama's got few places to go to find qualified experienced people... like McCain wasn't going to pull his Cabinet from the failed cronyists hacks that made up Bush the Lesser's administration???
3) Obama needs to be "bipartisan" and allow the Republicans enough input to continue screwing the country over, even though most of the nation voted out Republicans in droves and willingly gave the Democrats greater control of both Houses of Congress AS WELL AS control of the White House.

In other words, the traditional media types are all in this cocooned little world of theirs where they don't see past their own tight circle of friends to realize the rest of the planet doesn't think like they do.

Hence this amendment, it's kinda like one I think I've suggested before:

  • Mandatory Term Limits for Talking Head Morons on the g-dd-mn cable news shows. Yeah, even for Jon Stewart and Colbert. I'm sorry, but every two years you self-absorbed bastards need to get out of those cubicles, those soundstages, stop hanging out with sycophants and your ever-shrinking circle of friends (how many freaking times are you gonna have a loser like Newt Gingrinch on your damn shows?) and get out in the REAL WORLD and mix with you know REAL FRICKIN PEOPLE who do their own hair and shop at Wal-Marts for their shirts and shoes and who struggle with $50k or less salaries something you idiots don't have to worry about with your book contracts and your speaking fees and God knows what else, when was the last time you had to worry about balancing your checkbook, Mr. O'Reilly and Mr. Olbermann??? And stop talking like you're experts on EVERYTHING, some of you morons didn't even finish HIGH SCHOOL! You're not Experts, you're not qualified to talk about half the things you pretend to be knowledgeable, just SHUT UP, get a real job, and PROVE YOUR WORTH! Gaaahhh!!!

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