Thursday, January 01, 2009

New Year's Political Resolutions 2009

While I've got some other resolutions on my mind, these are of interest for meself in the political arena:

1) I hereby resolve to take an active role with and see if they have a place for me and my ideas on reforming the election process, specifically my hope for a One-Day Primary for the next Presidential election of 2012.

2) I hereby resolve to make a nuisance of myself on such political blogspots as Balloon Juice, The Atlantic's various blog voices, MY Vast Right Wing Conspiracy, Obsidian Wings, Moderate Voice, and a handful of other links I've got over on the side there. Except for some reason Daily Kos is not taking my comments... grrr.

3) Oh, and I hereby resolve to, you know, GET A BLEEPING JOB. Danke.

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