Thursday, June 11, 2009

Another Shooting, Another Tragedy

Just as the arguing over the violence inherent among conservatives in the pro-life movement was fading from the big media, we get this: Yesterday a well-established white supremasist who WENT TO JAIL for attempting to "arrest" Alan Greenspan (!!!) back in 1981, and who over the last several months posted online messages warning of violent action, showed up at the Holocaust Museum in Washington DC and opened fire with a rifle, killing one guard before other guards could wound the gunman.

As I said before, in a message to all goddamn Right Wingnuts: who else are you gonna shoot, huh? You're shooting Unitarians, you're shooting doctors, you're shooting police officers, you're shooting up our churches and our schools and our businesses and now our museums. THERE WERE KIDS THERE! My nephew and niece could have been there, my cousins living in that area could have been there. GODDAMN YOU.

I've been to the Holocaust Museum. Visited with my sister more than 12 years ago. Has it been that long? It's a very solemn place to be, humbling as hell to look at mock-ups of the boxcars and the camps, to track the flow of events from a person's ID booklet to see what happened to them from the ghettos to the roundups to the aftermath. And of course the neo-Nazis want to shoot up that place, to blow it up: they deny the Holocaust out of one side of their mouths while out the other side they insist Hitler should have finished the job. Of course that place will be a target. It's a pity that the guards working there are on the front lines of an increasingly violent battle that's honestly moving from the wingnut blogs onto the streets. It's a pity Stephen Tyrone Johns died: all he did was open the door to let the gunman in. Jesus. Johns was my age.

And of course, the big Far Right media is gonna swear off this, that O our constant ranting about socialism and Obama's birth certificate and evil libruls taking your guns away isn't really driving all the gun-and-bomb-happy wingnuts to the brink. Glenn Beck is even trying to dismiss the gunman (and by extension all Nazis) off as a "lefty" and that it's all Obama's fault "for stirring up a boiling pot"! O'Reilly claims this isn't even newsworthy. Hannity never mentioned it last night, focusing instead on the firing of Miss California a D-list type celeb who became the poster girl for the Far Right because of her marriage views. And Limbaugh, ringmaster for this goddamn Far Right Circus of Stupid? He's leading a charge by other conservative media hacks to drive Shep Smith off of Fox Not-News for being the only one on that channel to make direct links between this shooting and a Homeland Security report warning of increased far-right violence... a report the Far Right immediately attacked so viciously that they forced the Homeland Security Secretary to apologize for the report. EVEN THOUGH THAT GODDAMN REPORT IS TURNING OUT TO BE GODDAMN ACCURATE. I don't see anybody apologizing to Napolitano, do you? Of course not. The goddamn Far Right Noise Machine and their gun-toting brownshirts never apologize for a goddamn thing.

It's official. Look at the escalating political violence. Look at the so-called patriotic Right calling for seccession, even elected officials like Texas' governor dropping hints about it. The Far Right has declared war on the United States. It's not a question now about "if". It's now a question of "when" there will be another shooting. It's now a question of "how bad" it's gonna be. But it shouldn't be a question of "who's next" on the hit list. Because that's US. Everyone who's not in their goddamn shrinking purity club. We're next.

Goddamn them.

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