Thursday, June 25, 2009

Battleground Iran, Day 13

From what I'm seeing from the Sullivan livetweets, and also from Nico Pitney's updates (he's a must-read on this as well), the violence in the streets is getting worse, and it's not just one-way as it looks as though the protesters are pushing back.

The pro-Khamenei/Amhadinejad people are moving forward on an 'official' inauguration by next month, clearly confident that they will prevail in this, but Nico's reporting that more than half of the Parliament members invited to a celebration snubbed the event (180 MPs did not show out of 290), clearly showing a deep split at the higher echelons of the Iranian government. I really doubt a lot of people outside of the Revolutionary Guard will show up for such an inauguration... heck, they might be a little busy elsewhere at the time...

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