Monday, June 15, 2009

New color: Iranian Green

One thing we can do for the protesters standing up for their freedoms in Iran is show solidarity.

Go Green.

(image from digby's Hullabaloo blog)

Stand up. Sing out.

P.S. Obama's supposed to be speaking re: Iran by 5 pm, makes it less than 1/2 hour from now. Hope he's wearing a green tie. >:-)

UPDATE: John Cole of Balloon Juice caught some flack from Sullivan about Cole's questioning how changing your font color is gonna save the world. Thing is, Cole, Sully wants to do something, anything, that includes being the funnel through which all the news about Iran is going through, and changing font colors as a sign of solidarity is merely part of the moment. It's akin to an expression of passion, for the Iranians standing up. It may be meaningless in the real world, but it's from the heart...

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