Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Time To Rally The Unemployed

I'm sick of job-hunting and not finding anything.

I'm sick of placing my resume out there and getting only 2 bites in 2 years.

Above all, I'm sick of those bastard politicians in the Beltway who can't wrap their goddamn heads around the fact that THERE ARE NO GOOD JOBS OUT THERE, THAT NO ONES CREATING MORE JOBS TO FILL, AND WE NEED FINANCIAL AID TO KEEP FOOD ON THE TABLES AND A ROOF OVER OUR HEADS.

These politicians even want to punish the unemployed for being, you know, losers who can't find a job.  They think we're just lazy.  They think we're Welfare Queens.  They think we're preferring a $250 a week benefit payout over a $40,000 a year full-time job.

Time to organize.  Time to send all the unemployed to Washington DC and clog the streets.  Time to walk up to the White House with everyone in a line to drop off our resumes and remind Obama that GODDAMMIT WE NEED WORK!  Time to walk into Congress and... whadda ya mean, they're not gonna let us take the tour?!  Sigh.

Need to speak to NoJobSurvivor.com.  Or MoveOn.  Somebody to get something signed up for August or September.  Set a date, I swear to God we can get 27 million in the streets screaming for jobs.


emilylhauserinmyhead said...

Please forgive me this shameless threadjack, Paul, but I'm considering starting a wee alternative to TNC's open thread and a) wanted to let you know and b) wanted to let those who follow you know and c) wanted to elicit your thoughts on the matter. I'll be leaving similar comments all over the TNC webring.

If you do want to share your thoughts on the idea, here's my post about it: http://emilylhauserinmyhead.wordpress.com/2010/07/20/tnc-alterna-open-thread/

And yes. Every SINGLE thing you said about being out of work, etc, etc, etc. Yes. In the best Internet tradition I say: THIS. And I add: Sigh.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Holy crap, I got a visitor!

Good thing I cleaned the carpet before you showed up...

this reminds me I gotta add TNC to my list of links on the side.

emilylhauserinmyhead said...

Dude! I visit you all the time! Well, I visit probably a couple-three times a week -- if you posted more often, I might visit more often.... Just, as they say, sayin'.

Paul Wartenberg said...

But you never post until now! How can I tell if people are visiting if no one says "hi!"... sniff... or drop off cake... whimper... waaaaaaahhhhhhhh nobody likes meeeeeee (curls up into fetal position) (sucks thumb)