Thursday, August 26, 2010

Reactions to the Primaries of August 24 2010

I did not wake up well today.

It's taking me a good while to write up this post-script to last Tuesday's postings about the primaries.  Mostly because Wednesday was a busy day for me, heading out to Charlie Crist's campaign HQ to rally for the November election. (you won't see me on the video, as a big fat guy I tried to stay in the corner out of people's way)

I'm not the only one miffed about Rick Scott being chosen by the Republican Party as their choice for the Governorship here in Florida.  At least one other Floridian is trying to use mockery in discussing the horror that is Scott, but still and all outrage should be the underlying emotion here.

To wit: THE REPUBLICANS CHOSE AN EX-CEO OF A CORPORATION THAT COMMITTED MASSIVE MEDICARE FRAUD UNDER HIS LEADERSHIP.  What words do you think the majority of Republicans overlooked on Scott's resume?  I think they missed the words FRAUD, also UNREPENTANT CROOK, and maybe EVASIVE SCUMBAG.

I've spent more than a few posts yelling and screaming about how the Republicans have failed in their leadership: about how they provide us with con artists, snake-oil salesmen, egomaniacal freaks, borderline racists, and outright liars.  But in previous cases the Republicans at least tried for a pretense of choosing 'sensible,' or least publicly clean candidates that don't have billion-dollar-sized damages trailing in their wake.  With Scott?  Dear fucking God, they're not even trying to hide it anymore.  This guy - responsible for the largest fine in Medicare Fraud history - is openly trying to buy himself an office ($40 million of his own money and counting), and for what purpose?  What do you honestly think Scott is trying to do achieve?  All I can think of is that he's hoping to get into office so that he can use the shield of "Public Trust" to avoid any culpability in the private sector he may have generated (being an elected official DOESN'T stop the criminal or civil charges from coming: it DOES delay it for years, and it gives the scumbag the "excuse" that he's being hounded for "political partisan" reasons.  Phooey.)

The simplest solution to all this is of course to vote for the Democratic nominee Alex Sink.  It's due time for another party to sit in the Governorship anyway (last elected Dem was Walkin' Lawton and that was almost 2 decades ago), and another thing Sink would be the state's first woman Governor (a nice milestone).  Still and all, this pisses me off.  The primary system itself FAILED to prevent someone known to have COMMITTED FRAUD on the scale of billions of dollars from even winning a party nomination in the first place.

WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU FLORIDIAN REPUBLICANS THINKING?  McCollum wasn't too radical enough for you?!  A perfectly sensible, long-time political hack who plays by the GOP purity rules, and McCollum STILL LOSES TO A CROOK?!  WHAT.  THE.  HELL?  Anti-incumbency attitudes alone does not explain this outright stupidity by the majority of the state GOP voters.

Any outrage I might have for voting results in Alaska or Arizona can't measure up to this.  All I can say now to everyone is STOP VOTING REPUBLICAN.  It's not helping this nation.  At all!

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