Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The March for Jobs

Someone in the Tampa Bay area finally made enough contacts with the groups organizing the One Nation Working Together's March for Jobs and has a bus scheduled for the trip to and from D.C. for the event.

Now comes the hard part: convincing my parents to babysit my kittehs while I go off to a ZOMG Socialist rally.  Dad, settle down!  Stop having a heart attack!  Yes, I know they're Socialists!  But Dad... DAD!  They're the only ones out there protesting for more jobs...!

Sigh.  And given my brother up in DC is openly Libertarian... this is gonna be a fun two weeks...

UPDATE: Well, I told my mom about the planned road trip.  Her primary concern is "watch out for trouble," and my reply is "I'm going Quaker," which is my code for "I'm going non-violent and will make sure my group goes that way too."  She seemed a bit upset that I was going, but I reminded her I do have this political bent and that I'm frustrated enough about my lack of success job-hunting to want to head up to DC to protest.  She taught history, so we debated a bit about FDR's New Deal with its four different Jobs programs which I argued helped reduce unemployment from 25 percent to 11 percent within 3 years (my math might be a little off, but that's how I remember it).  Mom, being fiscal conservative, argued that those programs increased the debt too much.  At least she and I agree on Marco Rubio being a crook and that the whole budgeting process is corrupt with lobbyists and hidden riders/bill attachments.
Good news is, they'll help watch over the kittehs and my car and help get me to the bus pick-up next Friday.  It better be next Friday.  Gotta call and make sure.


Anonymous said...

Hello, do you have any information to share on the bus leaving from Tampa???

Please let us know!


Paul Wartenberg said...

Amy? From Facebook?

You've got more info on the event than I do! You're the one who pointed me to the Port Charlotte/St. Pete bus! :-)

All I can say is, visit the One Nation Working Together website http://www.onenationworkingtogether.org/ , click Find A Ride menu option, and look from there. It's 8 days off so if there's any seats left they're going fast.

Amy said...

LOL Paul, sorry I didn't recognize you! I saw the words "Tampa" and "bus" and lost my mind. I am so glad you get to go! See you there!