Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Slightly Off-Topic, but Google Translate has English to Latin

Which, if it has any similarity to other language translators I've found online over the years, will get a good amount of the translation wrong.  It's the grammar.  Tense (Past, Future, Pluperfect) use.  Even word incompatability (what's Latin for "iPod"?).

That said, I've been plugging in a few personal quotes I love to see what the Latin would be:

Es fatear hypocritae honestissimis potestis facere.

Vivimus in gentem sunt iaceat numismate.

Okay... I tried plugging in "Buy my book!" and it's definitely having translator issues.  Go figure.  :( 

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Andres said...

i didn´t understand... are you trying to translate english to spanish? or english to latin? or latin to spanish? use profesional services...