Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Today's Rally for Awake The State

I'll be heading out shortly to the Clearwater gathering for Awake The State this afternoon.  I think the one scheduled for Tallahassee should be over by now, wonder what the turnout up there was like.

I'll be taking my camera.  Will take photos and share when I get back.

Just gotta remember the basic rules of rallying:
1) Don't piss off the cops if there's any there for crowd control
2) Don't jump in front of vehicles.  You will lose those battles.
3) Don't use any hand gestures that can be misconstrued as instigating.
4) Don't start a fight you can't finish.
5) Don't screw up.

See ye there.

Before I go: a link to an article highlighting just how terrible Rick "F U" Scott already is.  And we've got at least 4 years of this crap to endure unless someone (the state Lege impeaches) or something (business scandal) intervenes between now and then...

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