Monday, May 21, 2012

For the Benefit of Mrs. Coates

Somewhere on the Twitterverse, Ta-Nehisi asked for a t-shirt logo for "I Heart Metrosexual Black Lincoln" in response to the aborted wingnut attempt to insult Barack Obama for being Pro-People.

In response, I crafted both a front design and back design for a t-shirt:

Hope Nobody Else Is Making a I Heart t-shirt like this.  :/
To your left, the logo for the front t-shirt.

To your right, the message for the back t-shirt.

I need input.  Does this look good?  Readable?

I need suggestions of possible improvements, maybe something more concise to say on the backside of the tee.

I hope to get this up in a new CafePress store by tonight.

Let me know!


cofax said...

I like it!

Bob Jones' Neighbor said...

Nice! I like it.

Bob Jones' Neighbor said...

Nice design - very classy!

Paul Wartenberg said...

Messers W. and A. assure the public this production will be second to none...

Bill Harshaw said...

Considering I'm not a visual person:

I'm trying to figure out the significance of the blue on the reverse's lettering.

Also, why the heart on the front is slanted.

Finally, I'd suggest trying the design on someone who never heard of Mrs. Coates and what she said.

Paul Wartenberg said...


The blue is currently the traditional color of the Democratic Party.

The heart is slanted because slanted object images are cool.

This is all for Mrs. Coates. What Mrs. Coates wants, Mrs. Coates gets. Ta-Nehisi runs a tight ship, dangit. ;)