Saturday, October 27, 2012

Early Voting Starts Today in Florida for 2012

So I went.

Normally, I prefer going on Election Day itself.  I'm a traditionalist about civic duty in that regard.  But this year - for the first time ever! - I've gotten a Jury summons for that week, meaning I may be somewhat busy on Election Day.  So, best to get it out of the way...

And I took pics.  Cell phone camera, alas, so the images are a bit fuzzy.

The line wasn't too long at the Government Center, moved pretty quickly (got from front door to Elections Office door in about 18 minutes), and the voting itself went relatively smooth.

I think the turnout was big due to this being the first day to Early Vote.  Previously, early voting started this Monday, but the Republicans in charge of the state seem to have this sick notion of wanting most citizens to NOT vote, so they're doing their damnedest to stop us registered voters as much as possible.  Well, up yours, Rick "Fraudster" Scott, up yours...

EDIT: And remember, Floridians... VOTE NO ON ALL AMENDMENTS!  And please VOTE TO RETAIN THE JUDGES!

Just remember, everyone, GET THE VOTE OUT!  The more Americans voting the better!  C'mon, everyone!  VOTE!  VOTE!  VOTE!

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