Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Wrong Kind of Anniversary... Again

It is now four years to the day since I lost my full-time job as a librarian.

I've found some part-time jobs here and there, and I currently have a contractual job with an IT vendor needing desktop support... but it's not a full-time, 40 hours a week, with benefits type of job.

This year (2012) saw a lot more interviews by libraries than I've had since 2008 - six separate libraries interviewing, two of them interviewed me twice - and one can hope that the coming year will see more opportunities and with any luck an actual hire.

But in the meantime... still job-hunting... still trying to get around my writer's block to see about getting something published and marketed... still...


Sarah Glenn said...

It does seem to be a pretty barren area where jobs are concerned. Currently working as holiday help with Macy's for minimum wage. I hope 2013 brings both of us good luck.

Paul Wartenberg said...

OMG one of my Saturnalia wishes came true! A Comment! An HONEST To SATURN COMMENT! PAGANS BE PRAISED!

But yeah, here's hoping 2013 is a jobs-stimulated kind of year. I do have two interviews lined up actually, so here's hoping.