Thursday, March 28, 2013

I'm Just Using Up Blog Posts To Reach 400

This will be, after all, just the 398th posting.

With regards to the name changing of the blog, I've settled on a choice and hope to switch to it on the special moment when I hit 400.  I'll most likely write my next Presidential Character entry as 399, and then BOOM! I'll drop the hammer and we'll all get to dancing.

That said, I wanted to note that Doctor Who is starting up the next half of their season (series 7.5) and there's a huge fan push to get Lady Vastra Jenny and Strax their own spin-off.

Personally I want a flashback episode to The Corsair.  Make it the Eighth Doctor - Paul McGann never got a chance to shine as Eight, and he would have been good at it - and make it an animated episode with The Doctor, The Corsair, an artificially enhanced smart penguin, and a Russian female Cosmonaut doing battle with the Zygons just off the rings of Saturn.

...what.  I'M A GEEK, PEOPLE.  Sheesh.

Two more posts to go.

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