Sunday, March 17, 2013

Name Changing

I'm coming up on the 400th (this is I think 395) post on this blog and once again I'm thinking of changing the title.

I originally started off (back in 2006!  Where did the time go...) with the notion of getting out here to discuss and suggest ways of reforming our political system.  I've ended up ranting about current events, Presidential campaigns, the general nuttiness of the Far Right, etc.

To be honest, I get more traffic and interest covering some of the local Florida stuff - Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott can suck it - and with the political campaign coverage.  I still rant about the need to fix our broken electoral system and other woes, but not with the academic focus I had hoped.  I can still argue about the Amendments We Need, it's just not the focus of this blog anymore.

So I'm thinking of changing the name of this blog.  The address - - I don't think I can change, but the blog's title I think can change.

So...  I need to come up with a new name.

Off the top of my head, these are the early suggestions:

  • Cup Full Of Moderate Crazy
  • The Always Sober Never Sane World Tour
  • I Did What Last Night
  • You Might Notice a Trend (although I'd give this over to Nate Silver if he wants it)
  • Idea Tossing Blog
  • This Blog Is Named X For a Reason (X being a variable)
  • Steve

Other than Steve most likely being taken, does anyone have any suggestions?
And yes, Culture ship names are already taken, damn those trademark laws.

Please use the Comments to leave your thoughts.  I will be turning off the Comments filters for the time being.

If you can't, email me.


J Neo Marvin said...

"I Blame John Tyler"

Paul Wartenberg said...

Well, I also blame Thomas Jefferson, James K Polk, and Calvin Coolidge, and there's really not enough room for all four. I could drop the hate for Coolidge, but that still leaves for an awkward masthead.