Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Update On Third Craziest Week Ever: The Elvis Ricin Thing. Turns Out Elvis Didn't Do It

He was caught in a trap... okay I'll stop.

For more on the story:

On Tuesday, the federal prosecutors dismissed all charges against Mississippi Elvis impersonator Paul Kevin Curtis in the case of ricin-tainted letters that were sent to President Barack Obama and other officials. After he was released from jail, Curtis and his attorneys held a gonzo press conference outside the federal courthouse in Oxford that included allusions to their theory that he was framed by another man, a promise of mass foot massages, and the tale of a dog named “Moo Cow.”
Curtis kicked off the press conference by saying he spent the time since his arrest last Wednesday in a “state of overwhelm” while “staring at four grey walls … not really knowing what’s happening, not having a clue why I’m there.” He also described the reaction he had when officials informed him he was being charged with mailing ricin-tainted letters to politicians.
“I thought they said rice, so I said, ‘I don’t even eat rice,’” Curtis told reporters.
Though she said she doesn’t know “specifics,” Curtis attorney Christi McCoy said she believed investigators dismissed the charges against her client because they identified another person they believe was responsible for the attempted poisonings.
“The government was able to basically find another suspect who they believe is the true perpetrator of this heinous crime,” said McCoy.
She went on to note that she believed investigators were still at the home of Everett Dutschke, a man she suggested earlier this week was interested in framing Curtis for the crime because of a long-running feud between the two men. Local news reports confirmed that the FBI was searching Dutschke’s home Tuesday afternoon.
That's right: the Elvis Impersonator has an arch-nemesis.
It's a good thing nobody died from the ricin attack: makes it easier to just laugh at this whole crazy story.  'Course I'm sure Curtis isn't laughing much - his life got railroaded in the craziest way during one of the craziest weeks - but still for everyone else... man... it's another week and we're still working out the crazy from Crazy Week.
That is all.

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