Monday, April 01, 2013

You Might Notice

Just in time for April Fools Day, a change in the patterns.

This blog was originally started up to throw out amendment and reform ideas, but quickly devolved into personal rantings about the sorry state of political affairs in A) Florida B) the United States C) Iran, Libya and other places in the Middle East, and D) Massive Multiplayer games (DAMN YOU NCSOFT! BRING ME BACK MY CITY OF HEROES).

So, ergo ipso, I changed the blog title to something more relevant.

Just not Wartenblog.  Okay.  Just... no.

So, what will be this blog's stated goals and objectives?

1) Post about the craziness in Florida
2) Rail about the craziness in the United States political forum
3) Mock the Far Right Wingnuts
4) Eat cheese
5) Profit!

Some things that will continue on are the weekly reviews of Presidential Character - so far the one I did on James Monroe has been massively popular - and my occasional forays into biased humor and snarkery.

Hmm, my link to the World Party video went bad. Is there an expiration stamp on YouTube clips?

Welcome to Post 400.  It gets easier from here.

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