Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Three Things to Note About Rick Scott As We Gear Up for 2014

1) He's still a total douche towards in-need people like the elderly, low-income families, victims of domestic abuse and kids.

2) No, really, he's a total douche towards the unemployed forcing them to jump through so many hoops and pass so many requirements and all the while cutting back on benefits from 26 weeks (much needed considering long-term unemployment is a REAL AND SCARY thing) to 12 weeks (think you can find a good job in 12 weeks after getting down-sized?  Even with unemployment down to single-digits in the state, that's not nearly enough time...).

3) He's focused on gutting the corporate income tax that will benefit more companies but at the expense of revenues our state still needs.  So, all in all, keeps him in douche territory.

The 2014 gubernatorial election cycle can't come fast enough.  I hope to God the Democrats field a strong candidate and I hope to God people try to remember this time around that RICK SCOTT IS A MEDICARE FRAUD!  /headdesk

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