Friday, June 14, 2013

Twisted Sick Little Fu...

For one thing, Rick "Words Not Usable In Front of Children" Scott vetoed a bill that would have sped up the process to determine a person's mental state to stand trial - which would have freed up a sizable number of people languishing for too long a time in our overcrowded justice system.

Second, Rick "Ha Ha Workers Suck On It" Scott signed into law a bill that would block local and county governments from even voting on requiring companies to provide paid sick leave to their employees.

One of the benefits of employment that I've had since being in the workforce since 1994 has been paid sick leave, which had gone a long way towards giving me time to shake off fevers, pneumonia, minor injuries and other health issues that would have made me a liability at work.  Without sick leave as a benefit, how many employers are now gonna cut back on that... forcing their sick employees to stay at work, spreading germs to fellow employees and customers; and failing at certain functions because, gosh, they can't take time off to heal broken bones or busted ankles?  How much is it gonna cost businesses in the long run with lost work hours from sick or wounded employees or drastic downturn in customers due to unhealthy environs?

As God is my witness, I will never understand why anyone outside of CEO ranks making under $60,000 a year should ever vote Republican within the next 40 years.  These guys are completely against decent workplace rules, decent pay, decent benefits...  I can't understand why anyone concerned with workplace safety and decent treatment of employees could have ever voted for these guys over the last 20 years.  Between killing off our pensions and killing off our healthcare benefits, the modern Republicans have been the biggest disaster to the American middle class since the 1950s.

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Bob Jones' Neighbor said...

:Why some people appear to vote against their economic interests: because they don't want to vote for big-government, Negro-loving baby-killers who hate God, Jesus and Israel and want to turn the country over to homosexual foreigners.

Why some other people appear to vote against their economic interests: Because they think that racism, sexism and homophobia are wrong, that every qualified voter should be allowed to vote and everyone deserves a chance for success.