Thursday, August 29, 2013

Personal Notes: Things To Do For Labor Day Weekend

1) Sleep.
2) Get some writing done.  Usually I'd be doing the 3-Day Novel Contest, but the stress of doing that actually exacerbated my writer's block, so a more leisurely do-it-my-own-pace would suffice.
3) Sleep.
4) Vacuum the floor.  Haven't done it in three months.  My bad.
5) Sleep.
6) Get Calvin Coolidge's Presidential Character profile done.  I figure there's 1,000... uh 100... okay seven of you eager to see what his trait will be.
7) Eat.  Can't sleep all the time.

What about you all?  Any plans for the long weekend?  The Comments section is relatively open (just no Chinese spam, my writing blog site got hit real bad with that, and nobody bought my ebooks... :(  ) so go ahead and drop some wisdom.

Also, if anyone in the New York City area knows a good bookstore that likes hosting relatively unknown authors for event/signing/reading/D&D campaigning (I'll have to roll a new character, haven't played in ages), lemme know in the Comments section or email me.  Danke.

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