Thursday, August 22, 2013

Um, Hi

So I head off to work this morning, come back later this evening with an idea of linking to Matt Yglesias' article about the need to get unemployed people to relocate to where the jobs are, log in to my blog here...

...and run into a stat count jumping up to 987 or so views in just one day.  I dunno if I can screen capture the graph chart, maybe I should... here, done.  The thing is, it's like a sudden cliff on the rippling shore of my regular 12-20 views-a-day traffic.

What happened is that one of the bloggers at Crooks and Liars - hi, Mike! - did a blog round-up and included the blog article I wrote on Woodrow Wilson's Presidential Character as one of the links.


I mean, I figure C & L gets 983 views in a few minutes or so, but I've honestly never had that many viewers in one day.  The most traffic I got in one week was the entry on the state of Florida Amendments for 2012 (the Big No one) and even that was barely 150 within that week.  And that was during the election cycle, when there was a ton of people looking for anything online about the state referenda (including a lot of traffic from Japan, wow).

Mike, I take back what I said earlier.  You can send me all the Nigerian 419 emails you want.

To everyone else visiting this blog for the first time... Hi!  Don't mind the loose papers everywhere, I'm just organizing my disorganized... um... stuff.

EDIT: I think Mike linked to me because of the nice Woodstock anniversary entry I wrote last week on Jimi Hendrix's view of the Star-Spangled Banner.

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