Saturday, October 26, 2013

Personal: Tehya the Pretty Kitty

As I'd mentioned to my friends on Facebook, and through postings on other forums and on my writer's blog, last night I had to let go of a pretty kitty.

There's not more to say about that.  The apartment right now feels empty.

I've been digging through all my photos now.  I took so many and then left so many of them in boxes.  There's a bunch I took before I got digital cameras, old film photos that need to get scanned or something.

I had this at my office.  It was the best photo of Tehya and her adopted sister Page sitting together on a window sill (that was rare, Tehya I adopted first and she never got along with Page when I adopted her a year later).
Page has this pleasing "How May I Help You Kind Sir" expression on her face.  Tehya's arm is stretched out with her paw next to Page's.

Page passed away two years ago, before Thanksgiving.

I miss them.


imonlylurking said...

Your Tehya looks like my sweetie Morgaine. Mine was a little less yellow on the face. I know it only helps a little, but you have my condolences.

Paul Wartenberg said...

There is something about a calico kitten when there is a pattern to the patchwork coloring... I'm so sorry about your Morgaine. Again, hug your pets often and let them know you love 'em.