Wednesday, January 01, 2014

It's 2014. Do You Know Where Your Mid-Term Elections Are?

January 1, 2014.

We've got mid-terms in this election cycle.  Voting for 1/3 of the U.S. Senate, all of the U.S. House seats, elections at the state level for legislatures of all 50 states and territories, and governorship elections in 36 states (including here in Florida).


Turnout for mid-terms has become abysmal, and yet these elections are no less important than the more attention-grabbing Presidential elections.

Because it's during these mid-terms when the low turnouts favor the partisans... because only the wingnut voters turn out no matter what, and they'll get the twisted soul-sucking candidates they want put in office.

It's also vitally important to pay attention to the two major parties dominating the electorate at the national and state levels.  Because one of the two major parties - Republicans - is currently the greatest threat to our functional federalist government in ages.

The modern Republican Party is made up of half-serious anti-government types who've taken the "Government is Bad for you" meme to the point that they're basically anarchists.  The modern GOP has staffed their ranks with elected officials and wannabes who want government to fail, who want government to stop aiding poor families and the unemployed under the excuse of "being cruel to be kind."  The current Far Right dominated Republicans want to recklessly cut taxes for the already uber-rich, deregulate everything to let our warehouses explode and our bridges collapse and our economy sink into toxic assets... and then have the majority of suckers us taxpayers bailout everyone to fix the damage they'd caused only for them to repeat the same damn mistakes again.

Say what you will about Democrats being weak-willed or divided, at least the party as a whole still believes in making government work.  At least the Democrats aren't stuck in a 1850s mindset like the GOP is.  At least the Democrats are the current party able to adapt and adjust and make sense.

The modern Republican Party is made up of con artists, fear-mongers, clueless Galtian wannabes.

For the Love of God get the vote out this year.

For the Love of God DO NOT VOTE REPUBLICAN.  For the Love of God Democrats DON'T SCREW THIS UP.

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