Friday, July 04, 2014

It's the 4th of July. You Know What That Means


(is warned by lawyers about abuse of copyrighted materials)

(is hit with restraining order from families sick and tired of their 5-year-olds learning how to sing "Team America F-ck Yeah" over and over)

Well, okay then.  How about video clips of "Let It Go" over and over?  I'm sure having the 5-year-olds singing THAT tune over and over has gone well in a lot of households...

(families refuse to answer that question on the grounds that it might incriminate them in front of their kids)

Well, at least you're teaching them about the Fifth Amendment right protecting against self-incrimination.

How about this?

So... Captain America F-CK YEAH!

(gets hit with restraining order from Marvel Studios) OH CMON...

Fine.  Let's go the non-fiction route:

Oh no, William and Mary won't do for you Harvard grads... sigh.


Anonymous said...

I'd rather do the 1776 movie clip:

"Franklin smote the ground and out sprang George Washington, fully grown and on his horse. Franklin then electrified him with his miraculous lightning rod and the three of them - Franklin, Washington, and the horse - conducted the entire revolution by themselves."

But I didn't see it on youtube. The amzing part is Adams really did write something like that.

- Captain Button

Another Holocene Human said...

Captain America. I definitely approve.

Paul Wartenberg said...

Apologies for the double-posting of comments... I know Blogger has issues I do try to work around them.

As for the Adams groaning about not being in the history books, there WAS a YouTube awhile back but it disappeared. I dunno if the account was purged or if the copyright was enforced, which is stupid because clips along are more promotional materials for the whole movie than anything else...