Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Liveblogging the Florida Primary 2014 (w/ UPDATES)

I'll be at work for most of the day and early evening, but by 8:30 PM or so I'll be updating this day's entry with current notices.  I'll be tracking the Governor candidates and any Polk/Tampa Bay oriented races.  Here's hoping a lot of Republicans are voting for the other two names on the ballot other than Rick "Medicare Fraud" Scott...  Keep an eye for updates please and thank ye, you seven blog readers. :)

So far just seeing online info on the local races in Pinellas County.  There's a boatload of Latvalas running for office over there.

Well dammit.  That was anti-climatic.  I just got home from work to watch on television as Nan Rich is conceding her race against Crist (currently winning 74 percent) while I'm seeing on the screen tracker that Rick "No Ethics" Scott is pummeling Cuevas-Neunder at 88 percent.  DAMMIT, REPUBLICANS, YOU HAD ONE CHANCE TO PROVE YOU STILL HAVE SOULS.  Instead you bought into Scott's snake-oil sales pitch AGAIN.  ...I dunno why I bother with you people...

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