Monday, April 06, 2015

Either It's Another Crazy Day in Florida, or Jeb Bush Is Just That Desperate

Dear Jeb Bush:


Former Florida Gov.  Jeb Bush (R) listed himself as "Hispanic" in a 2009 voter registration form, The New York Times reported Monday.
The Times posted its copy of the registration online, and the expected presidential candidate appears to have filled out the Hispanic circle next to the "race/ethnicity" field.
"A Bush spokeswoman could offer no explanation for the characterization," the paper's Alan Rappeport wrote.

A follow-up comment from Jeb's spokesperson labeled this as a paperwork error, that the wrong checkbox was selected.  That is likely, as the Hispanic box is next to the White box on the ethnicity row on the registration form.

And for additional consideration, Bush did marry a Hispanic woman and in a way his own family can consider themselves Hispanic.  But Jeb himself, the scion of WASP parents with enough Anglo heritage to be whiter than Wonder bread, does not count.

What's potentially telling is how Jeb Bush has been maneuvering the political stage to make himself not only the Establishment candidate for the Republicans in 2016, he's been positioning himself as the "appeal" to Hispanic voters that the Republicans desperately need to actually win the general election (as it stands, Hispanic distaste of the GOP's anti-immigrant platform ensures that at a national level the Republicans will not win the White House in the next election cycle).

Dudebro, lemme just point out one thing.  You, Jeb Bush, are NOT pretty fly for a white guy.

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