Monday, June 01, 2015

Honest Bumper Stickers 2016

A while back, when Hillary made her official announcement her campaign also came out with a marketing logo

meant to inspire folks I guess.  It ended up bringing out the jokesters - myself included - who thought it was stolen from a health care provider or a hospital.

In response, I drew up a couple of Hillary '16 bumper stickers and shared them on Facebook with the Horde, if I can load them up here lemme show you:

I know the H2O one is a little obscure as a thing - Hillary is water? - but putting the letter "h" near 20 in the 2016 was impossible to resist.  Some of the fellow Horde liked the H2O one.

For some reason during today, with announcements here and there and all over the place the past month, I got to musing over bumper stickers.  In particular, what kind of crazy bumper sticker ideas each of the candidates could come up with.  It was O'Malley that I was thinking of, and so far a check of his official campaign site doesn't show much, just his last name in a chat balloon.

I had an idea for an O'Malley logo, went like this:

I know I'm pushing it, mixing the number 0 in 2016 with the O in O'Malley, but I like to think this is eye-catching.

Most of the real-world logos/sticker designs so far are pretty placid, standard works.  Some already have some pretty bad logos and designs, such as Hillary's and, well take a look:

I was personally upset because this looks like
Cruz went and stole the Unitarian Flame design...
This is less a flame and more a teardrop.

I look at this and think "German Engineering Firm, right?"

What got into my head today was "Oh hey let's come up with REALLY bad, VERY brutal bumper stickers that would embarrass the hell out of any self-respecting campaign manager."

So, in the interest of fairness, here are the really bad bumper stickers we can expect from our 2016 doom-bringers.

Okay, so I'm kinda rushing the last couple bumper stickers, but hey it's a loooooooonnnnggggggggg f-cking campaign season and I've got months to come up with better ones, ya think? :)

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dinthebeast said...

During the '92 campaign, a friend of mine cut two bumper stickers in half and made one with the results that said "George Clinton 92" that I really liked a lot.

-Doug in Oakland