Friday, September 11, 2015

Anniversary for Nine Eleven 2015

It pains me that I can't remember the names of the two ladies I was working with at the Broward Library's technology center that Tuesday morning, going over the new training materials for the Groupwise email system we were deploying for our county library system.  I am lousy with names, and I didn't work with them often enough to retain that knowledge.

I do remember Barbara's name, my former supervisor at North Regional, who was also at the Main Library in downtown Ft. Lauderdale that morning for a different meeting.  I bumped into her on the Second Floor lobby area where they set up a television with lousy antenna reception to broadcast the news about the planes hitting the Twin Towers.

She was the one who told me about the second tower.

The rawness of that day remains with me.  So much has changed since then but I still remember where I stood, how I felt, what it was like to drive back to Northwest Regional to await more bad news, the parking lot of the blood bank at night where a hundred people stood with me waiting our turn to donate blood because there was nothing else we could do but cry and pray.

I feel bad still because this is all I can do, just sit here and repeat the same story, unable to change the past and in no position to fix the present outside of my own meager rants and political activism.  I'd like to be able to take the rage and sorrow I have and convert it into solutions and salvation.  But 9/11 is a reflection of a human sin that both saints and tyrants struggle against with no honest solution in sight...

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